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Thank you for visiting Women Moving On To Greatness web site. I trust you will be inspired encouraged and motivated to elevate your mind and aspire to move to your destiny. While visiting the site you will find inspirational words, tools that will enable you to excel to greatness! Thank you once again for visiting the site and come back as often as you like.

Sandra Ricketts Taylor


Sandra is the founder of Women Moving On To Greatness, which was founded 16th September 1977 in London, England. Its founding sponsor is Nat West Bank.
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Upcoming Events

Atlanta to London Tour May 2018

Attractions include:
Piccadilly Circus, House of Parliament, Oxford Street Tower Bridge, Big Ben Tower Bridge, Paris, Buckingham and many more attractions.

For More Info:
Email: info@womenmovingon.org
Tel: 404 935 3630

Come enjoy this great experience, you will have a ball!
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Sandra Ricketts Taylor
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